The Producer Playbook


Guidelines and best practices for producers and project managers

The Producer Playbook is a collection of proven strategies, insights, tools, checklists, and methodologies for managing teams and delivering successful projects. From agencies to startups, teams have streamlined their process, solved problems, and found efficiencies as they put these systems in place. Our goal for the playbook is to help those responsible for the success of their team be successful themselves, believing that the more who can learn and put this knowledge into practice the better.


Table of contents.

Over 50+ pages of content covering everything from from contracts to emails, folder structure to project kickoffs, retrospectives to financials and more…


Legal Documents.

Folder Structure.

File Naming.



Project Planning.

Project Kickoff.

Project Management.

Finishing & Delivery.




Solving Problems.

Individual Habits.

Essential Reading.


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