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Rollin is an events app connecting close friends with curated events happening around them. We worked with the team to clean up and stabilize their code base making it ready for public release.


The app had previously been written in parts by various developers. This made it so there was no single through line or point of truth for the code base. Additionally, the core language of the app, React, was out of date as it had not been updated since the project began two years earlier. This meant components were broken or unresponsive throughout, which caused the app to crash unexpectedly.


To start, we isolated each component to understand the underlying architecture and how data moved through the app. Then, with our working knowledge established we began implementing the necessary updates to make the app current with the latest React standards. Furthermore, with best practices in mind, we objectively streamlined the codebase as we built out new features in order to maintain a stable app that functioned across devices and operating systems.


With an up to date and stable application the team released the app to an initial set of users through the Apple TestFlight platform.