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Recommenders is a new marketing tool helping companies discover and connect with a previously unknown segment of their marketing team. The everyday consumer who recommends products, services, and experiences to their friends and family without expecting anything in return. We worked with the founder to develop a product strategy, visual identity, and build the platform.


With over a decade of research and testing “pen-and-paper” trials with their consulting clients, the Recommenders team was ready to bring their methodology to life at scale with a digital product. Rather than take everything on at once, we set out to distill the product down to a core offering from all of the data points they had collected. This let us focus on building a product that immediately delivered value to the people using it most. First to CEOs wanting insight into sales and marketing performance, and second to sales teams themselves who would be using the product during each transaction. With this in mind, we knew we needed a simple and straightforward user interface that wouldn’t fatigue the people using the product as well as that it had to be responsive across desktop and mobile to integrate into the different sales cycles various organizations have in place.


To quickly scale the product from the analog methods the Recommenders team was using to a digital platform we designed and developed using a component-based system. This approach allowed us to efficiently reuse elements multiple times throughout the application without significantly increasing the amount of work per component.


Within a matter of months, the Recommenders team was prepared to release the platform to a closed group of selected partners. Benefitting from our component-based approach the team is now saving time in both the design and development as they can quickly develop prototypes and get feedback on new features before moving them into production. Supporting everything is a backend architecture that is set up to scale with new features and integrate with other third-party applications as the platform continues to grow.