UX Audit



Good UX is expected. Great UX is a competitive advantage.

Think of what it would do for your business if people found your website or app intuitive, easy to use, and made them want to sign up without you ever having to help them through the process.

We’ll take an unbiased look at your product to identify quick wins to improve your user experience, look for usability flaws, provide guidance on information hierarchy, and make sure you are communicating your strategy and value proposition effectively.

This is for you if…

  • People are unable to understand the basic functionality of your website or app

  • People don’t know what your value proposition is or why they should use your product

  • People aren’t converting from free to paid accounts

  • New features are complicating your app

  • You get the same comments or have to answer the same question for each new user

  • You want an honest, outside opinion

How it works.

  1. Submit the project questionnaire.

  2. Schedule a kickoff call with our team.

  3. We’ll review your website or app for critical UX design flaws and optimizations for up to 8-10 key screens / user flows.

  4. We’ll deliver a report of our findings and actionable recommendations 5-7 days after our kickoff.

  5. You may schedule a follow-up call to go over the report.

What you get.

During our kickoff call, we’ll talk with you about your business goals and product concerns. We’ll then thoroughly inspect your website or app. Finally, we’ll compile all of our notes and screenshots into a comprehensive and actionable PDF report.

While every product is different our comments tend to focus on:

  • Information architecture and copy review

  • Onboarding suggestions

  • User flow optimizations

  • Recommendations for keeping your product simple and focused

  • Recommendations on design language: typography & color

  • Notes on what’s working well

  • Pro tips and quick wins

  • General usability guidance


  • $500 non-refundable initiation fee

  • Remaining $2,500 due upon kickoff

  • Deliverables are presented as final

  • We retain the ability to share and promote the work on our site and social channels

Get started.

Send an email to studio@wesjones.co and we’ll get back to you with a few preliminary questions.