The Producer Playbook

Guidelines and best practices for producers and project managers.

Read the full playbook here: The Producer Playbook

This playbook is a guide for new producers and project managers looking to level up and for those who’ve been managing projects for a while who need to better document the process for their team. 

Or, really, anyone who needs to get everyone at their company on the same page for how they do things.

If you’ve spent any time in or around an agency or product team you know things hardly ever go as planned. Teams have to continually adapt to market conditions, client requirements, and their own evolving process.

To help the people responsible for the success of their team be successful themselves.

I experienced this first hand as a producer and project manager at agencies in New York working on projects for some of the worlds most well-known brands like Google, Under Armour, and YouTube along with many other companies and startups.

After working at a few different places, I started to see the same thing.

That these agencies all had similar, if not the same problems: miscommunication, unclear roles and responsibilities, tension with clients, etc.

The type of things that cause missed deadlines, unhappy clients, and uninspired work.

Now, it would be easy to say “This is just how things are” and go along with it.

Which is what many do. But it always came back to the producers and projects managers to figure it out. Some of who had no context for how to work through the situations they were presented with.

As a leader of these teams, it was clear that many of the problems could all be solved with one thing -- a more consistent process for everyone involved. Where everyone knew what the expectations were and how to get things done.

Which is why I wrote The Producer Playbook. To help the people responsible for the success of their team be successful themselves.

It covers everything from contracts to emails, folder structure to project kickoffs, retrospectives to financials and a lot more in over 50 pages of content.

Below are the sections of the Playbook with links out to each.

It’s a resource that will evolve as new methods are tested and the ways we work change and adapt.

I suggest you take what you need and leave the rest.

00 Introduction

01 Writing

02 Legal Documents

03 Folder Structure

04 File Naming

05 Emails

06 Meetings

07 Project Planning

08 Project Kickoff

09 Project Management

10 Finishing & Delivery

11 Retrospectives

12 Financials

13 Questions

14 Solving Problems

15 Individual Habits

16 Essential Reading

If, as you read through it you find yourself thinking of a team or someone you know who could use this, the best thing you can do is to share it with them. The more people that know these things and can implement them, the better.


Download the Playbook.