3 reasons why it's critical to start with quick wins

Trust. Momentum. Insurance.

Every project starts with some level of uncertainty and there’s always the question of where do we begin?

Start with quick wins.

Quick wins are low-effort, high-value deliverables that set the tone of an engagement and are critical to delivering a successful project.

Here’s why:

1. Trust.

Quick wins build trust. They prove you’re capable of doing what you said you would do. Companies make significant investments to solve their business challenges and want to validate that they made the right decision by working with you.

2. Momentum.

Quick wins build momentum. No one wants to start a project and not see results for three months or more. Quick wins let you show progress early as you ramp up to a sustainable cadence. You also get to stress test the process and determine if any adjustments need to be made before reaching major milestones.

3. Insurance.

Quick wins are an insurance policy. If something went undiscovered during the preliminary discussions, now is the time to find it. Upfront discovery work can reveal potential blockers, issues, and requirements that may not have come up until late in a project when you would have few options to pursue. If you’re able to find these threats early, you should have the ability to adapt in ways that either accommodate the new information or remove the risk altogether.

Examples of quick wins.

Some things we deliver as quick wins are:

  • Collaborative working sessions with stakeholders

  • Audits (Brand, Design, Tech, Competitor, etc.)

  • Look & Feel Explorations

  • Simple Prototypes (that said, the flashier, the better)

The point is to highlight your expertise and add value to the project as soon as possible.

Start with quick wins.


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