The work we do and what we need to get started.


I take on photography, production, and brand strategy projects. Sometimes a project needs all three, and other times you'll only need help with one aspect of it. My focus is building brands and developing a unique and consistent visual style that gives you instant brand recognition.

Photos are shot in-studio or on-location, shoots are produced in-house and brand strategies are developed in collaboration with you and your team.

Typical projects consist of the following deliverables: Brand Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Visual Audit, Moodboards, a Photoshoot, Final retouched photo's, Visual Guidelines, and a Content Plan. All of this will give you deep understanding of your brand and how it fits into your competitive landscape along with giving you the right content and insights you need to stand out.

Also, I'm not the right photographer for every job. If we learn that's the case I can recommend someone who is through my production company, Maverick.


I need to know more about your project before we get to this so I can be sure you'll be getting the right value and content you need for your brand.


Send an email to wes@wesjones.co with info about your company and what you're looking to do and we'll get started from there.



How I start every project.


First I need to understand your brand, what you stand for, why your fans love you, and where you want to head and be known for. I'll do this by deep diving into your marketing materials, look into what people are saying about you online, and talking with you and your team to understand everything about what makes your brand what it is.


This is all about standing out from your competitors, so I'll take a look at 3-5 of your competitors to see what they are doing and determine where the opportunities are to own a visual style unique to you.


I'll take a look at your brand and how it's using visuals to communicate. What colors you like to use, if there's a unique illustration style, is your brand coming off playful or serious, and how do you approach photography and video. These are all components of your business I need to understand before we can make a plan for what we need to do.


Once we know where you currently stand and what your competitors are doing we can begin to find a unique place in the market and develop a look and feel that your brand can own.



Photographs are about capturing a moment and conveying a feeling to anyone who looks at them. I approach photo's by finding the moments just before or just after something takes place. The moment of anticipation or unfettered joy once it's happened. At the end of the day we're selling something with these images and the best way to do that is to get people to want their lives to be as compelling as the photographs.


I describe my images as bold and confident, yet approachable and present. I want you to feel like you're there.



We take care of as many details as we can ahead of time.


Team size will flex depending on the size and scope of what we need to capture. Sometimes we can go out with a light crew of 1-3 and others can require a team of 10 ore more to get the job done. It all depends, but me and the people I work with like to be nimble and able to adapt when we're on set. 

Typically a shoot team will consist of me as the photographer, 1-2 assistants to help with lighting, camera gear, and managing/backing up the files as we shoot them. In addition to that depending on the nature of the shoot there could be a wardrobe stylist, hair & makeup artist, and other production assistants to make sure everything runs smoothly.

That said, I've also done shoots where it's just me and the talent. We'll do whatever is right for the shoot and what you need. 


Shoots will typically require a pre-light day for in-studio or a scouting day when we're on-location. We'll also need to add in travel days if the shoot is outside of New York City.


When we're on-location for a lifestyle shoot we want the light to be right. Which is around sunrise or sunset, so we usually start early and go late. That said, sometimes we have a small window of time to get what we need which means we'll have to plan accordingly and reduce as many factors as we can ahead of time.



After the shoot.


Images from our shoot will be hosted in an private online gallery and sent over to you and your team to review and pick your selects for retouching. The number of final images will be determined in our discovery phase of the project. 


Retouching includes global exposure correction, color grading, blemish removal, skin contouring, skin tone correction, detail sharpening, background spot removal, and highlight/shadow recovery.

Extensive image manipulation — including, but not limited to, body reshaping, background object removal, background extension, spot coloring, and swaps — may incur additional fees. Alternate versions of photos — including black and white conversions, alternate crops (e.g. a square crop for Instagram), resized/rescaled images, and alternate file versions (e.g. TIFF or PSD files) — may also incur additional fees.



Your final photos.


Timing is dependent upon the number of final images and the amount of retouching that needs to be done. This can range from a few days to a couple weeks.


Final files will be delivered electronically as full resolution JPGs.


Images will need to be licensed for commercial use. Typical licensing can range from 3 months, 1, 2, 3, 5 years, or indefinitely, and can cover a mix of online / digital, social, editorial, print and out-of-home.


Re-delivery and re-uploading of archived, edited files more than 3 months after initial delivery of photos will also incur a flat rate of $150 per session.



Smart, considered growth.


Whether you're publishing the images on your brands social media channels, using them on your website, or creating print materials I can help you determine the right publishing cadence and placement so your content gets the most engagement and awareness possible. 


Sometimes a project ends and that's the extent of it. That said, I've found the relationships that continue on past our initial engagement are the most successful. The best way to do this is a consulting agreement where I'm helping you plan your content needs and looking for additional opportunities you can capitalize on to grow your business. Think of it as a continuation of the discovery phase where we mapped out your place amongst your competitors and found an opportunity for you to stand out but only when and where you need it.



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