As Someone Who Thinks They’re Ambitious


I like to think I’m an ambitious person.

However, if I am, it’s due to one thing -- ruthlessly studying and stealing from people smarter than me.

Knowing there were things I wanted to get out of life and seeing that other people had achieved extraordinary things I wanted to know how they did it. I was intrigued by their experience. Not what they were doing today, but how they got there. How did they design their life such that they are able to do what they are now.

Also, by studying these people maybe I could find a few shortcuts from seeing their mistakes and avoiding those things for myself.

The more people I looked at the more I found that they were looking at the world differently. They connected disparate ideas and saw opportunity where others, myself included, were too caught up to look ahead or too worried to challenge what is conventionally expected.

The more I saw of this the more I realized they had frameworks. Frameworks for thinking, making decisions, and for living. Not one framework, but a collection they could apply across a vast range of situations.

I figured this was their secret. Their secret to being consistent, having a point of view, and getting things done in efficient and novel ways. They encounter a situation, analyze it, reference what they know, apply frameworks they think might work, and continually question their approach.

They don’t take their first assumption and run with it.

All of this is done with the long view in mind. How does what I’m doing today get me to where I want to be? What can I stop doing that’s holding me back? What value can I offer to people who can help me get to the next level?

They had designed a system. One that worked for them. Built on experience, principles, and long-term thinking.

I felt I was learning from the best. People executing at the highest level who were applying time-tested ideas to their life and seeing exponential results. The type of results I wanted and continue to seek out.

However, the trouble was that everything was scattered. In books, articles, podcasts, etc. I’d come across one thing and only be able to vaguely relate it to something else. There wasn’t one place to collect all of the insights and advice I found valuable.

This is an effort to further my self-education and share these time-tested frameworks with those who also want to develop an unfair advantage. To learn from the best on how to think, make better decisions, and live a more meaningful life. To uncover how the world actually works.

I expect this will evolve, as all good things do, as a collection of articles and media with recommendations on strategy, learning, mental models, risk, philosophy, and musings on the art of living. Much of which will come from people who have already figured it out.

I’d love for you to join me.

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