I'm a brand strategist and producer who's worked at two of the best creative agencies in New York, Big Spaceship and Laundry Service / Cycle, pitching and winning work from some of the most well known brands like: Google Play, King Digital, JetBlue, Under Armour and Volvo North America. Before that I studied landscape architecture to learn how people experience and interact with the world around them.

My interest is building holistic brand experiences for young companies looking to create ambassadors out of their everyday fans. I believe this can be done through developing systematic content frameworks and distribution models. Typically I'm brought in when companies are ready to get serious about their marketing strategy, a new product launch, or repositioning their brand.

Additionally, I've built a network of photographers, film makers, and designers that I work with to bring this strategy to life through my production company, Made by Mavericks.

Whether you need me to consult or bring on a team, the intention is to drive business results by creating work that is both useful and valuable. Let’s talk and make something exceptional.


I'd love to hear about what you're working on.